Drone Awards 2016

Every year, the website DRONES.nl looks for the best Dutch drone video of the year. The annual Dutch Drone Awards are organized to put drone video's from the Netherlands in the spotlights. Since 2016, the election consists of two different categories: Aerial Photography and Racing.


The nominees for the Dutch Drone Awards 2016 have been announced. Until November 30th, you can vote for your favorite aerial- and racing drone video. The video with the most vosts per categorie will be the lucky winner of a prestigious Drone Award! By submitting your vote, you automatically have a chance to win a Blade Induxtrix FPV drone, also known as Tiny Whoop!

Winner announcement

After counting all the votes, the two winners of the Dutch Drone Awards 2016 will be announced via this website and DRONES.nl. Both winners in the category Aerial Photography and Racing will receive a Drone Award and a €250 cheque which can be spend at a droneshop. The winning video's will be added to the Hall of Fame of Dutch drone video's and will receive eternal fame!

Submit new video's

To have your drone video nominated for the Drone Awards election, please submit it via DutchDroneAwards.com. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit video's for the Dutch Drone Awards 2016 anymore. Please fill out the submission form to submit your drone video for the Dutch Drone Awards 2017.

Drone Awards

The Dutch Drone Awards are organized by DRONES.nl since 2014. The winners of previous elections have been crowned 'Best drone video of the year' by receiving the most votes for their amazing aerial video's.

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