Since 2014, organizes an election for the best drone video's of the year. The previous winners have been crowned 'Best drone video of the year' by receiving the most votes for their drone video. The newest addition to the Hall of Fame of Dutch drone video's will be announced in the beginning of December 2016!

2015: René van Manen

While making some aerial shots for a Dutch TV show in Burger's Zoo Arnhem, the drone of René van Manen was taken down with a branch by a curious monkey. It was clear that the ape didn't want any unwanted visitors near its home. The funny video went viral and was viewed by millions of people all over the world.
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2014: Jelte Keur

Jelte Keur waited more than 10 months for the ideal weather conditions for this beautiful drone video. The mysterious footage of the Dom tower in Utrecht surrounded by fog are very impressive. With this video, Jelte became the first winner in the history of the Dutch Drone Awards!
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